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Please note that our visiting policy has changed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please visit for updates. 

Your family and friends are welcome to visit you at the hospital. We have set visiting hours but patients can request approval for visits outside of these times.

Visiting hours: 2-8 pm

Visiting times

Visiting hours for areas other than maternity are 2-8 pm each day. 

You can get hospital approval for your immediate family to visit you at any time. If visitors are not able to visit during these times, talk to the nurse-in-charge to arrange alternate times.

Maternity visiting hours

The Maternity Unit visiting times are 2-4 pm and 7-8 pm daily.

Please ask your visitors to come during the general visiting hours, and respect other patients by keeping noise to a minimum.

To promote a speedy recovery and allow you to get plenty of rest, we suggest visits be kept to a minimum and restricted to closest family and friends.

Rest times

Rest period times vary from ward to ward, so please speak to your nurse about this. For your comfort, we dim the lights during this time. Please ask visitors to avoid coming to the hospital during rest times.

Discharge times

Patients are routinely discharged by 9.30am.

Staying with children

One parent may stay overnight in a recliner chair with a child up to 15 years of age if required.