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We want to help ensure that your transition from hospital is smooth and safe – whether you are going home, to another health care facility or a nursing home.

Discharge is at 9.30 am

Discharge planning

This is an important part of your treatment and begins when you are admitted, and includes how you will get home, coping during recovery, and managing your ongoing health care. We will help you to understand your condition and what ongoing health care you will need, anticipate the things you might not be able to manage yourself, and can suggest transport, meals and support services.

How we help you to go home

We offer expert advice, assessments and therapeutic services that help you regain your independence, manage your daily tasks and get the support you need while you recover at home.

Patient discharge checklist

Before discharge day: 

1. Make sure that transport home is arranged

On discharge day:

1. Pick up all medications, x-rays, scans and appointment cards

2. Collect all discharge information and equipment for home nursing provided by the hospital

3. Pack and check room for personal belongings.