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Sleep Studies

Sleep Medicine and Tests

Sleep disorders, such as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) are very common.  OSA affects up to 9% of the adult population. At St Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee we run diagnostic sleep studies. This is an initial sleep study to diagnose what is not working when a patient is asleep. We conduct CPAP Implementation and review studies as well as MAS review studies for patients who have been previously diagnosed with OSA.

Why is a sleep study needed?

Is the patient becoming tired during the day? Are they having trouble focusing? Does a partner get woken by snoring? Does the patient have headaches? These could all be symptoms of a sleep disorder from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. To see exactly what is going on when a patient sleeps, a sleep study is a hassle free option were the patient is looked after by a team of trained sleep professionals.

About the hospital stay

Patients arrive at St Vincent’s Private Werribee around 7pm at the main reception. Once welcomed into our spacious rooms patients will have a series of wires put on by our friendly staff. These wires will record things such as breathing, heart rate, oxygen levels, leg movements and brain waves during sleep so we can see if there is anything that may point towards a particular sleep disorder. Patients are woken by staff around 6am, were all the wires are removed.

Once we have analysed the sleep study and one of our sleep physicians has interpreted the data, it will be sent back to see the referring doctor with the results and a treatment plan.

Our Sleep Specialists

A/Prof Neil Smith
Port Phillip Respiratory and Sleep Clinic
218 Heaths Rd, Hoppers Crossing, 3029
Ph. 9749 4699
Fax 9749 4688

A/Prof Jeremy Goldin
Western Sleep and Breathing Clinic
Suite 10, 6/230 Blackshaws Rd, Altona North, 3025
Ph. 1300 487 588
Fax 9011 9671

Dr Adrian Chazan
St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee
Level 1, 240 Hoppers Lane, Werribee, 3030
Ph. 9218 8016

The Centre for Sleep and Pulmonary Medicine
87 Ferguson St, Williamstown, 3026
Ph. 9191 4043
Fax 9017 8964

Dr Simon Frenkel
Wyndham Private Specialist Consulting Suites
Level 1, 242 Hoppers Lane, Werribee, 3030
Ph. 9318 4377

Dr Chee Choy
Western Sleep and Breathing Clinic
Suite 10, 6/230 Blackshaws Rd, Altona North, 3025
Ph. 1300 487 588
Fax 9011 9671

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