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The St Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee Day Oncology Unit and Infusion Centre specialises in providing personalised and holistic care for patients and their families receiving treatment.

Education and assessment

When you receive a diagnosis, our staff will arrange personalised education sessions about your treatment and side effects you might experience. We organise for you to visit and meet our team prior to your treatment. We encourage all patients to bring a support person, who can assist in asking questions and understanding any concerns you might have.

Prior to each treatment, one of our expert staff members will assess your health, and discuss any concerns you have.


Our specialised centre has specialty trained chemotherapy/oncology staff members to assist you with your treatment. Our staff members are highly qualified in cannulation and utilising a variety of Central Venous Access Devices (CVAD).

Our unit offers reclining chairs to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment. We offer free wi-fi and encourage you to bring your laptop or iPad to keep you entertained during your treatment.

We offer a wide variety of food and drinks during your treatment.If you have any dietary requirements or food allergies, please contact our unit the day prior to your treatment to arrange an alternative suitable option.

Our staff

At St Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee we have a compassionate team of oncologists, haematologists, medical specialists, and allied health professionals available to assist in the treatment and wellbeing of our patients, to ensure they receive the best level of care, support and education.

What We Offer

  • Blood transfusions
  • Chemotherapy
  • Haematology procedures 

Our Specialists

Please ask your GP to refer you to one of our oncologists listed below.


Dr Shuy Ying Tan

Dr Khai Li Chai 



Dr Cuong Do

Dr Mario Guerrieri

Dr Bhaumik Shah

Dr Shirley Wong

Dr Saw Yee Yap